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Agile Collaboration

Three best practices to boost standardization work

document as code

Collaborate on documentation as if you were working on code

It is easy to share and track changes on text files. Using them to generate documentation and schemas simplify the management since the input stays independent from the output. For example, pandoc markdown can be exported to doc, docx, html, latex and pdf using the same source file.

Release early, release often

Everybody is not familiar with code repositories or build files. Therefore, it is important that those people can access the work at anytime. Automating the process of document generation make sure that everybody can access the latest version available.

reference implementation
open source organizations

Open Source as Best Practice

Dissemination of the standardization work is the goal. Nowadays, providing a reference implementation and conformance tests are keys in order to validate designs and simplify adoption.

EBU.io tools

Tools to help teams develop new specifications

credit-card Documentation & Code repositories

Share and collaborate on code and documentation with other parties.

Powered by Github and Gitlab

dev Issue tracker

Drive your roadmap and capture issues, ideas and objectives in a single place

globe Building tools

Automatically build, test and publish your project when you change files

Powered by Jenkins

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