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Quality Control

The EBU Quality Control tool provides access to over 200 QC Test Items, each of which includes a detailed description of the test that can be performed on audio/visual material. The tool is used to develop (new) Tests and by users to access the existing knowledge base.


Collaborative Card Creation

The tool helps drafting new versions of the Tests by offering (non-exhaustive list):

  1. Collaborative editing
  2. Version tracking
  3. Managed data types and ranges
  4. Discussion threads
  5. Automatic ID generation
  6. Staged publication

Publication Platform

The tool allows any (public) user to access published QC Tests and use them in personal selections.

Functionality includes:

  1. Extensive card search & filters
  2. Linked test material (in beta)
  3. XML export for integration with other systems
  4. A 'Manager' for Template creation

More information

For clarity: the platform does NOT perform any QC testing itself. It provides a common, single reference for the definition of the tests and the sharing of QC test sequences.

Related EBU group: Quality Control

Access is public, but editing is limited to members of the EBU Quality Control group.

Contact: Frans De jong

Start date: October 2013