Live IP Software Toolkit

The Live IP Software Toolkit will deliver a framework that enables basic measurements in an IP based live video studio.

This project will have three major parts:

  1. Validation of the IP streams
  2. Media capture
  3. Media playback
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The PEACH (Personalisation for EACH) project is a joint international initiative of European Public Broadcasters. The goal is to co-develop white label software solutions empowering broadcasters and editorial teams to deliver personalized media services and experiences.

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Support of SMPTE 2110 in FF...

The goal of this project is to leverage the FFmpeg library to a SMPTE ST 2110 Professional Media over Managed IP Networks separate encapsulator and decapsulator. As FFmpeg has a huge installed base, we strive to accelerate the adoption of this important standard into software implementations.
Principal task and advancement :

Decap - Audio AES67 (Done), Video RFC4175 (Done), Synchro (To do), Auxiliary Data (To do)

Encap - Audio AES67 (To do), Video RFC4175 (To do), Auxiliary Data (To do)

Others topic in scope :

Encap and decap support multiple stream.
Encap and decap add support for differents video format.

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