Responsive QC

by Frans De Jong, EBU on 17 Dec 2014

Responsive QC

We recently put the new EBU.IO/QC tool into production. Most of the work was done by Julien Grünhagel.

The main reason for moving to a new design was to make the QC tool more responsive.

We felt the original lay-out was too limited for mobile/tablet use.

We especially saw problems managing the sheer amount of tests (> 200!) using the QC Card metaphor.

What's new?

New functionality includes:

  • Faster searches Ajax-based quick search is available in the places where information density is expected to be highest.

  • Responsive design The information now is served faster, adapts better to your screen and aligns with the new EBU.IO design.

  • Easier Profile management The new EBU.IO/QC allows you to manage profiles using a 'Filezilla' style interface.

  • Integrated help The help wiki is now fully integrated into EBU.IO/QC.

  • Better discussions QC Group Editors participants benefit from better discussion threads and linking from the discussions list.

What's next?

We are continuously pushing small improvements into production.

Important upcoming improvements concern QC Test editing functionality (available to QC Group Editors).

Feedback on the new design is welcome via: Frans de Jong (EBU)


  • Frans De Jong

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