EBU.io - February Update

by Michael Barroco, EBU on 25 Mar 2014

RadioDNS Manager

Thanks to Mathias and Maximilien during RadioHack, the RadioDNS manager is now supporting the last version of the RadioEPG specification. It has been the opportunity to fix some compatibility issues with the Pure Sensia and other devices.

Link: https://github.com/ebu/radiodns-plugit

Quality Control

The number of improvements/updates to the ebu.io QC tool is too large to list here :) The three main ones are probably:

  1. Extensive filtering options, including ‘show me what is new since last log in’.
  2. A diff-view with colouring to show what was edited.
  3. A discussion overview to see the latest contributions.

Link: http://ebu.io/ioprojects/show/10

Note: by default you do not have full access, contact dejong@ebu.ch to be added to the list of users.

Continuous Integration

EBU.io is now running a Jenkins environment which tests every pull requests sent to CPA Github repositories. This new tool allows to check that the tests are successful and projects are in a consistent state. We are using it for the CPA projects to make sure that we don't break the system while merging changes from others as well as packaging the system for deployment.

Link: https://ci.ebu.io

Experimental Services Backup

Released experimental services (RadioDNS and QC) in EBU.io are now daily backed up using the following pattern: Each day at 2 o'clock, a backup is made including databases and files uploaded to the application. Then, they are saved in Amazon S3. After 1 day, the files are moved to Amazon Glacier for cost efficiency.

Github repository: https://github.com/ebu/io-backups


We bought a ssl certificate (wildcard: *.ebu.io) for CPA. We started to deploy SSL on every domain. CPA domains and ci.ebu.io are now reachable using HTTPS.

Thank you to everyone who is working hard to improve the platform.
Looking forward to any feedback.

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