EBU.io - January Update

by Michael Barroco, EBU on 31 Jan 2014

Quality Control

The Quality Control tool to manage Frans cards has just been rolled out and the group will start to use it in the next weeks. The access is restricted, feel free to ask Frans for a demo. In the meantime, you will find attached some screenshots.

Thanks to Frans and Maximilien for the great job.

Link: http://ebu.io/plugit/10/cards/

Cross-Platform Authentication

The objective of the CPA project is to produce a protocol in order to authenticate users on media platforms.
This protocol will be delivered with a reference implementation. The related code projects have been opened this week and we are starting to collaborate with people outside the BBC next week.

Link: http://ebu.io/ioprojects/show/12

EBU.io - curated projects

The list is growing and the page is now presented with a new layout. Feel free to encourage people to fill this page with their open source projects.

Link: http://ebu.io/curator/

Monthly Update Release


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