Adding ranges with Glühwein

by Frans De Jong, EBU on 22 Dec 2014

Developing under the Xmas tree...

With a warm chocolate and a glühwein* next to our laptops, we've been working on improvements of the EBU.IO/QC back-end.

* It is ~+12 degrees Celcius in Geneva...

Linked parameter types

We now have added linked definitions of parameter types:

  • Type (e.g. integer);
  • Representation (e.g. a single digit);
  • Range (e.g. [0-5));
  • Units (e.g. m/s)


The idea is that we want to help EBU QC Test editors to be stricter in the way they define parameter in- and outputs.

By facilitating managed lists of types, representations, ranges and units, we encourage reuse and minimize mistakes.


We've decided to use regexes to help check correct instantiation of ranges.

For example [0,4) is a valid instantation of [a,b).

We also use Regexes to check the names of the managed 'types'.

But we did not dare to go so far as to ask editors to specify their ranges as regexes directly... :-o

In a next step we plan to check default (and later user) values against the instantiated ranges.

Merry Christmas!

Frans and Julien

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