The Metadata Interoperability (MINT) toolset for EBUCore
MINT ( is an open source, web based platform for the ingestion, mapping to a common format and transformation of metadata records into EBUCore.

MINT4EBUCore is powered by NTUA, the National Technical University of Athens, Greece.

Users start by uploading their metadata records as XML instances or Comma-separated values (CSV). MINT supports different uploading and harvesting protocols such as HTTP, FTP and OAI-PMH.. Users can also directly upload and validate records in a range of supported metadata standards (XSD), in this case EBUCore.

XML records are stored and indexed for statistics, previews and access from the mapping tool.

XML processors are used for validation and transformation tasks as well as for the visualization of XML and XSLT.

One essential feature of MINT is its visual mapping editor. Mapping is performed through drag-and-drop from the user metadata format into the target format (EBUCore) as visualised by the editor. The user can navigate within the structure and data of the input schema, and the structure, documentation and restrictions of the target schema.

Eventually, mappings can be applied to ingested records, edited, downloaded and shared as templates. As a collateral gain, access to the XLST and XPaths expression provides an invaluable educational to users willing to dive into the arcane world of XML transformation.

Contact: Jean-pierre Evain

Start date: October 2013

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