• Bram Tullemans

Update your Chrome browser

by Bram Tullemans, on 15 Oct 2014

There seems to be a problem with some versions of Chrome as detected on the Dash.js Github.

If you use the wrong version the DASH video created with H264 will not play in the browser / Test Engine.

The new version that works can be downloaded here: https://www.google.nl/intl/en/chrome/browser/canary.html

  • Bram Tullemans

Setting up IBC HEVC live stream

by Bram Tullemans, on 14 Oct 2014

At the moment we are installing the HEVC Live stream we used for the IBC. It will become available this week...

Here is the link to the description of the IBC 2015 DVB DASH HEVC demo: https://tech.ebu.ch/Jahia/site/tech/cache/offonce/news/ebu-to-show-state-of-the-art-online-stre-11sep14 or simply click HERE