The Content Manager is a visual production tool which is able to generate on the fly visualisation for DAB slideshow and RadioVIS. .NET framework based, it is developed in C# and is distributed under LGPL licence.

Key features

  • Generate slides (jpg, png) on the fly
  • User interface or HTTP input
  • Outputs: STOMP, FTP, S3, different file formats/quality
  • HTML-based slide templates
  • Data aggregator: RSS feeds, pictures, watch folder, Video Snapshots


Github content-manager project

Download current version

Shows example

  • World Ski Championship - Vail, February 2015: story

  • European Athletics Championship - Zurich, August 2014: story

  • FINA World Championship - Swimming - Barcelona, July 2013: video

  • EBU Digital Radio Showcase, October 2011: replay, video

Slides example

Vail 2015 Vail 2015 Vail 2015

Content Manager

EBU contact: Benjamin Poor

categories: Hybrid Radio | Tools

tags: Production